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At Appe Kale we provide novel and stimulating eco-educational experiences for our guests. The site, located just south of Wilpattu National Park, is blessed with a mixture of grassland, mangroves, scrub forest, wetlands along with several tanks. Edged by the Lunu Oya river, this 40-acre paradise is attractive to a variety of wildlife including elephants and deer as well as leopard, fishing cat and otter. Peafowl, wild boar, jackal and numerous varieties of birds are just a few of the animals that call Appe Kale home. Explore our website and see how you can join us in experiencing nature’s exquisiteness and help us preserve this priceless gem.

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Water Resources


The dry zone of the Northwest Province experiences months with no rain. Since water is essential to life, we make sure that the water sources continually contain fresh water and fish.



We are actively engaged in growing a variety of mangrove and forest fruiting plants. These plants provide food for many animals as well as attracting a variety of butterflies and bees.

Wildlife Protection


Poaching and poisoning, trains and traffic, fires and forest loss are just a few dangers faced by wildlife here. This deer is searching for food and water at Illiya. He shouldn't be shot!

Learning Link


There is so much to learn at Appe Kale! Let's start with a very important insect ... the dragonfly