Up Close and Personal with the Wildlife!

Closeup Leopard
Langur monkey
Collared Scops Owl
Common garden lizard
Ceylon paradise fly catcher
Black-naped Hare
Carpenter bee on orchid
Baby elephant
Baby crocodile
Baby red-waddled lapwing
Bee larve in honeycomb
Brown Fish Owl
Female Leafbird
Dung beetle
Crested Hawk Eagle
Crested Serpent Eagle
Crow on wild donkey
Common Skink in log
Common Kingfisher
Chestnut headed bee eater
Green bee eater
Lesser Adjutant
Jungle fowl
Indian Roller
Indian Pita
Honey bees
Green pond frog
Green Imperial Pigeon
Green caterpillar
Purple-faced Langur
Purple swamphen
Purple Heron
Pied Malabar Hornbill
Paper Wasps and nest
Black Hooded Oriole with nest
Painted Stork
Orange breasted green pigeon
Monitor lizard with squirrel
Mama wild boar
Little Grebe
Little Cormorant
Spinner dolphin
Sloth bear
Sambar deer
Ruddy Mongoose
Purple-rumped sunbird
Red vented bulbul
Water buffalo
Star tortoise
Thick knee
spotted deer
Spotted deer 4
Spotted deer 3
Wild water buffalo
Wooly-necked stork
White-browed bulbul
White-browed bulbul 2
White-breasted water hen
White rumped shama
White Peacock


Photo Album

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Chooty Cuties

Leopard cub
Black Naped Monarch
Young Sambar Deer
Litlle Green Bee Eater Juvenile
Red-waddled Lapwing chick-2
Striated Weaver
Pin-tailed Snipe
Newborn Shrew
Little Stint
Little Grebe feeding babies
Jackal Pup
Juvenile Little Cormorant
Indian Five Fingered Frog
Bustard Quail
Bar-tailed Godwit
Wild Boar Squeakers
Baby Elephant
Balloon Frog
Baby Star Tortoise
Baby Tufted Grey Langur
Baby crocs in nest
Baby monitor lizard
Atlas Moth
Atlas Moth
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Common Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher
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Little land monitor on branch
Little land monitor on branch
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Spotted deer
Spotted deer
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