Current Projects and Future Adventures

Maintaining Water Resources

Our goal is to create year-round water sources here in the dry zone as well as to protect the rivers and lagoon.

Saving the Forests

Wildlife depend upon the forests for food and shelter. We work to stop illegal cutting of the forests, remove invasive plants that threaten forest growth and reforest with native fruiting trees and plants.

Wildlife Safaries

Join our knowledgable team on a safari trip at Appe Kale and then into the Wilpattu National Park. Tours will begin in July.


Protecting the Wildlife

Poaching, loss of habitat, pollution, poisoning and illegal fishing practices are just some of the ways that the flora and fauna are being threatened. We work to save the magnificent and important biodiversity of the area. 

Learning Link

We start our lessons with dragonflies. Learn about their lives and why they are so important to us and to the environment. New lessons will be posted about every two weeks.


River and Ocean Excursions

See whale and dophin. Travel up the exquisite mangrove lined river to the lagoon. Enjoy the marine birds and maybe catch sight of a sea turtle.


4R Paper Products

We remove invasive plants and make eco-friendly paper. All of the profits from this factory in Hikkaduwa go back into the Appe Kale project.