Creating Habitats
Planting kumbuk tree on bund
Red Mangrove Plants
Plant Mangroves
Breaking the palmyra fruit
Planting the palmyra seeds
Palmyra patch
2400 palmyra seed planted
Germinated palymyra seed
Front nursery
Nurseary plants

Trees provide food and shelter for many animals from monkeys and birds to deer and elephant. We have established a nursery for growing fruiting forest trees. There are thousands of young trees grown there, mostly from seed, that will be planted at Appe Kale in the next year. Some trees are being planted using traditional methods. Over two thousand palmyra were germinated in the above shots using native methods. Some trees are being transplanted to aid in their survival and growth. After all, Appe Kale means Our Forest.

Illegal land capture and forest clearing is happening next to Appe Kale. After the trees are chopped, the wood sold the land is then burned. This is an area of many highly traveled elephant paths. Other wild animals call this area home, or at least they did.