Water Resources

Tank Project

Moving Soil
Care was taken to minimize impact on the existing habitats and the disturbance of the animals.
Creating the bund
Soil was compacted and smoothed. All of this work was done by hand.
Planting the bund
Grass was planted to prevent erosion during the monsoon season.
Filling the tank
Water was pumped in from a nearby river on one side and a flooded tank on the other.
Catching fish for tank
After all the work, Suraj went fishing and caught fish to stock the tank. No invasive species were added.
Enjoying the tank
The finished tank has attracted birds like this fly catcher as well as fishing cat, otter and crocodile.
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Attack on  alien invasive plants

Luna Oya choked
This was once, a very short time ago, a beautiful blue river.
Green Luna Oya
Now it is choked with invasive plants.
Luna Oya invaded
The river can no longer be enjoyed and is endangering the native wildlife.
Saleem collecting Bullrush
We collect a variety of alien invasive plants.
 Laying out the Salvinia molesta to dry
We remove these harmful plants from the environment.
Clean tank
So the natural growth and water systems can return to a healthy state.
4R Paper Products
This non-profit company owned by Textlon Lanka Pvt. Ltd used the invasive plants to make paper.
Beater run
The prepared material is made into pulp with no chemical additives.
Mould and deckle
Each sheet of paper is hand created by a skillful team.
Paper drying
The sheets of paper are hung to dry naturally.
Guys making note boxes
Once the paper is dry and smoothed it is made into a variety of products.
Galle Market
The products are sold with all profits going back into the Appe Kale Project.
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