Making a difference

Short Tail

Wildlife Protection

We help to keep track of the animals in our area such as this giant elephant we named Short Tail. We first met him about a year ago. Actually we smelled the rotting flesh of his tail before we spotted him. As always, we contacted the wildlife department to report an injured animal. It is not sure how the injury happened. We are hoping someday to act as a rescue center/hospital for these animals. A few days ago we saw Short Tail splashing away as he grazed in the tank. He is fully healed and looking great. We will continue to keep track of how this boy is doing.

Injuries and Deaths

These are just a few of the injured or dead animals we have found. Some are injured by accident, some are targetted, and others are simply victims of nature. We are working to find safe habitats with plenty of food and water and thus incourage animals to stay away from populated areas.

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